The April 2020 election in Milwaukee made national news for subjecting citizens to choose between their safety or their vote. Only 5 out of the usual 180 polling stations were open forcing residents to stand in line for hours amidst the pandemic to cast their ballot. This was a direct result of election workers opting to not work on election day for fear they would catch COVID-19.

To prevent this catastrophe from repeating itself in the November election, the city of Milwaukee has used a grant of 2.1 million dollars to invest in PPE and hazard pay for poll workers in the upcoming election. This article will articulate the benefits of becoming a poll worker and the responsibilities they carry.

There are two poll worker positions that citizens can apply for. The first is to become an election inspector. This position is for those who have proficient skills in customer service. They work directly with voters and are responsible for assisting new voters through the registration process, supplying already registered voters with a ballot and voter number, and handling the voting machine.

This position is highly encouraged to bilingual speakers who would be able to explain the voting process to Milwaukee’s Spanish and Hmong speaking populations.

The election inspectors are paid $230 dollars for working a full-day shift, which is roughly 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. A lunch and dinner break are allowed during this shift. An additional $21.75 will also be given for attending a required training class prior to the election. If a full day shift does not facilitate your schedule there is a 1:30 pm to 9:00 pm shift to choose from as well.

Apply to become an Election Inspector by clicking the link here.

You can also apply to become a chief inspector. In essence, the chief inspector is the manager of the polling station. They are responsible for completing Election Day documentation, reconciling voter numbers and ballots, and resolving voter concerns.

The chief inspectors are paid $325 for working a mediatory shift full-day shift. The chief inspector will also receive an additional payment for attending a training session.

Apply to become a Chief Election Inspector by clicking the link here.

It is important to note that a photocopy of your social security card must be submitted to the Election Commission if you would like to receive payment. You can also go to the election commission and show them your physical social security card if you feel so inclined.

Click here for more information about becoming a poll worker.

If you have yet to register to vote please make sure to check out last week’s blog The Voting Process Week One: How to Register.

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