Initiatives & Outreach

In order to fulfill its mission to revitalize and sustain Milwaukee’s Near West Side, NWSP has spearheaded numerous successful initiatives that leverage public, private and academic partnerships and resources. These partnerships, coupled with extensive community outreach have resulted in measurable change driven by local insights and supported by data. A handful of those initiatives include the following:

Promoting Assets and Reducing Crime (PARC)

Promoting Assets and Reducing Crime, or PARC, is designed to support NWSP’s mission to revitalize and sustain the Near West Side as a thriving business and residential corridor through collaborative efforts to promote economic development, improved housing, unified neighborhood identity and branding, and greater safety for residents and businesses.

Patient Centered Outcomes Research for Employees (PCORE)

Patient Centered Outcomes Research for Employees (PCORE) is a proactive public health model of employee wellness. It is focused on partnering with employees to develop workplace-based initiatives to engage the Near West Side workforce and their families, institutional partners, and community partners to improve health and wellbeing.

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI)

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Marquette University and Near West Side Partners a $1.3 million Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) grant to create a locally-driven, comprehensive strategy to transform the College Court development and the surrounding neighborhood into an inclusive community of opportunity where people want to live, work, and play. The grant includes funding for six community improvement Action Activities, which are underway and scheduled for completion in 2021 and 2022.

Rev-Up MKE

The Rev-Up MKE small business competition provides an opportunity for start-up entrepreneurs to expand or start a business and get the support needed to make it successful in the Near West Side.

Near West Side Week

The Near West Side is a thriving community with exciting and unexpected opportunities for residents, employees, and visitors alike. Near West Side Week is an opportunity to celebrate the many reasons why the Near West Side is a great place to live, work, play, and stay.

COVID Resources

Near West Side Partners has implemented a number of economic relief efforts, education initiatives, and vaccination campaigns to keep the community healthy, safe, and supported throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Near West Side Appreciative Inquiry Summit

In July 2021, Near West Side Partners brought together a wide variety of community stakeholders – from residents to business leaders, government officials to non-profit organizations – for a conversation about the future of Milwaukee’s Near West Side.

That conversation, structured as a three day Appreciative Inquiry summit, focused on accelerating NWSP’s mission to revitalize and sustain the Near West Side as a thriving business and residential corridor, through collaborative efforts to promote commercial development, improved housing, green spaces, and healthy food, unified neighborhoods, and improved safety for residents and business. The theme for the event focused on Seven Neighborhoods: Strong History, Shared Future.