Since its inception in 2015, Near West Side Partners has been committed to impactful change in the Near West Side neighborhoods. Through hard work and successful collaboration with our partners, residents, businesses and friends, NWSP and our community have achieved major accomplishments.

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Business Recruitment

The Near West Side is home to some of Milwaukee’s most iconic businesses. From internationally known institutions like Harley-Davidson and Molson Coors to local gems like Five O’Clock Steakhouse, entrepreneurs thrive here. To keep that spirit alive, Near West Side Partners has made business recruitment a priority. Through exterior renovation grants, BID #10 support and Rev-Up MKE, an annual small business competition, the Near West Side has gained 27 new businesses since 2015, with more on the horizon, and continues to carry on a legacy of success.

COVID-19 Resource Sharing

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 disrupted every aspect of our lives. Suddenly, residents were without jobs and steady income, businesses needed to close in-person operations, and fear and uncertainty underscored our days. Near West Side Partners implemented a number of economic relief efforts, education initiatives, and vaccination campaigns to keep the community healthy, safe, and supported throughout an unprecedented period.

Fresh Food Initiatives

Affordable and sustainable access to fresh, healthy foods is a priority for those who live and work in Milwaukee’s Near West Side, and NWSP is committed to bringing fresh food options to the 50,000+ residents and employees of the Near West Side neighborhoods.

A fresh food desert for nearly 40 years, the Near West Side has seen increased access to fresh food options since the inception of Near West Side Partners, including through the attraction of grocery stories like Mo’s Food Market and Sendik’s Fresh2Go and the creation of both the Near West Side Farmers Market and later the Vliet Street Oasis Market, providing seasonal access to produce directly from local farmers.

Safety Improvements

Safety is a key component to a thriving community and a core element of the Near West Side Partners mission. Since its inception in 2015, Near West Side Partners has spearheaded a number of safety improvement initiatives to make the neighborhoods a better place to live, work, and play, including closing the 27th Street Tobacco Shop, a hot spot of criminal activity, and executing a streetscaping project to calm traffic and make busy commercial corridors safer for pedestrians, drivers and business owners alike.