NWSP partners with several organizations like Marquette University to provide opportunities for growth and learning for students and youth every semester. Here are our round of 2020 spring semester interns.

Mathieu Ackaouy

My name is Mathieu Ackaouy and I am a second year student at Marquette University. My primary focus of study is in Political Science and Criminology. I’m not originally from Milwaukee, but it has become my home over the past few years and I love being able to get immersed in the community. One way I do this is through my work at the Center for Peacemaking where I partner with the NWSP to help with the Good Neighbor Initiative. Here I get to assist with various aspects of the initiative, helping with everything from contacting landlords to participating in the actual walk-through’s of properties.

Kevin Reddy

My name is Kevin Reddy and I am a Political Science graduate student at Marquette University. During my internship I will be working on developing housing strategy for Near West Side Partners. In 2016 I graduated from Marquette University with a Secondary Education and History degree, and taught Social Studies at St. Anthony High School. I also worked as a case manager at JusticePoint for one year prior to starting graduate school in 2019. In his free time, I love napping and singing karaoke.

Samuel Hernandez

My name is Sam Hernandez and I am a senior at Marquette University studying Political Science and International Affairs. At the Near West Side Partners I will be helping develop the planning portion of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant using the information gathered through our various working teams and partner organizations. In this position I will be conducting resident surveys, planning programming for resident council meetings, and develop a video that captures the work done by the Near West Side Partners for the Choice Neighborhood Initiative. In my spare time I like to go hiking and hanging out by the water.


James Ritter

My name is James Ritter and I am from Waterloo, Iowa. This year I am a senior at Marquette University, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Supply Chain Management. Over the course of this semester I will be coordinating with and getting everyone excited about the NWS Blitz and strategizing the Landlord Compact Data Analysis Project. Fun fact about me: this semester last year I had the privelege of delivering a baby in Milwaukee which was the final turning point in making my decision not to go into healthcare!


Evan Cudmore

My name is Evan Cudmore and I am a senior at Marquette University. I am majoring in Political Science and Social Welfare & Justice and am very passionate about helping to improve the lives of the people in my community in any way I can. Throughout the semester I will be assisting with various projects and events throughout the semester including NEON meetings as well as Neighborhood Initiative Meetings, and creating blog posts for the NWSP website. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, I am a diehard Boston Sports fan (Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins), and I love to play sports and stay active.

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