Jason Waters is a Real Estate professional, husband, and father of three children with deep roots and ties to the Milwaukee area. He attended Rufus King High School where he was able to gain a wealth of knowledge. Post high school graduation, he attended UW-Parkside, but when things became too Expensive Waters made his way back to Milwaukee and pursued an associates degree from MATC in liberal arts and sciences. His original intentions after graduating from MATC were to be a teacher; however, after being introduced to the Real Estate profession by a family member, his desire to enter the profession grew.

In 2005, Waters began his journey into Real Estate when he and his wife bought a duplex together. He credits this process for furthering his desires because he learned that he was able to “work and receive income to help pay for a lot of his liabilities, and rent was able to assist in offsetting a lot of these costs.” Waters continued seeking out a career in Real Estate as a loan officer for a few years from 2005-2006, and then when the financial crisis hit in 2008, he was able to buy a four-unit apartment complex. During this period, he also had his first child and felt that he needed more stability, so Waters began working at a manufacturing company. In 2018 he launched his own company, Watersview Investments Group LLC, and began flipping properties. Since launching his company, Waters has completely rehabbed and flipped three properties, is in process of flipping another, and purchased and held another two separate duplexes.

Waters’ connection to the Near West Side began with the purchase of 2627 W. State Street. As a product of the ACRE program, Waters utilized his network, and learned he would want to connect with Keith Stanley for additional insights to the Near West Side. Additionally, the architects for the project, Quorum Architects, are located in the Near West Side. Waters is excited to work with Quorum since they know the community so well.

When discussing the condition of 2627 W. State Street, Waters mentioned how the property came up on a Facebook page because the previous owner wanted to sell, and he was excited by the opportunity. Waters went on to say, “the property is in pretty bad condition, it is worn down, the foundation is in bad shape, and the building has been vacant for over a decade.” At the time of purchase, Waters understood that the building was unlivable, but he, “felt up to the task because he saw the potential in the building.” Waters acknowledged that his positive outlook on the property had something to do with his background of flipping properties. He also mentioned how this was another blight building in the city of Milwaukee that had been given up on, and he knew that it had serious potential. Waters wants to work with individuals with his vision to see the building come back to fruition.

What Waters envisions for the property, through a partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM), is to provide seven project-based voucher units and two commercial spaces for entrepreneurs or sustainable companies who want to grow out their space on the first floor. He also hopes that this project will set a standard for revitalization in areas that have been devalued. Waters acknowledges the lack of value investors are placing on the area, and he would like to start something positive for the community and get that value back.

If there are no issues in the near future, Waters hopes to start redevelopment on the project by June, and, if everything goes well, he thinks the project can be done within five months. At the moment, he is looking at a November grand opening ceremony with all the parties that were brave enough to jump into the project.

Some of the brave parties entering into this project with Waters are the entrepreneurs that will occupy the two commercial spaces. When talking about the associated projects, Waters mentioned that one of the prospective entrepreneurs is a personal fitness trainer who has an extensive background and great story behind why they became a fitness trainer. He was excited by the idea of helping a young entrepreneur achieve their goals of aiding more individuals in achieving a safe and healthy lifestyle. At the moment, there is lack of fitness opportunities or gyms for residents and Waters believes this would be a great start.

Waters believes that 2627 W. State Street is important to the Near West Side because this project will bring stability. Providing that stable residential space will bring residents to the neighborhood who will spend in the community and partake in all the wonderful things that are happening. Waters thinks it is important because, “nothing but positivity can come from a project of this magnitude,” since this is taking another blight building in the city of Milwaukee and making it active for individuals to utilize. In supporting Waters and 2627 W. State, one thing individuals can do is get behind community improvement. Waters mentioned that, “directly behind 2627 W. State St. is an empty city-owned lot, and he would love to see that lot have a purpose.” Whether that be a playground, parking for the businesses in that community, or a sitting area, he believes that doing something with that vacant lot would benefit the community greatly. He expressed how the community getting behind something of that magnitude would be supporting his project, as it would beautify the surrounding space or give it purpose.

In closing, Waters mentioned how he hoped that this project was one of many to come and that by completing this project, it would build more confidence in himself and the community to be a future developer in the Near West Side. If you are interested in learning more about Jason Waters and his company, Waterview Investment Group LLC, more information can be found on their website at https://www.watersviewinvestments.com/.

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