On the last Thursday of each month, District 3 of the Milwaukee Police Department holds a crime and safety meeting so that community members have the opportunity to hear directly from Captain Jeffrey Norman and bring up concerns happening in their neighborhoods. This month’s meeting was held on Thursday, June 25.

Pictured above: Captain Jeffrey Norman of MPD3. Photo courtesy of City of Milwaukee website.

Captain Norman noted how “this particular month has been challenging” and how his team has been responding to many calls about fireworks, mobile drug dealing, and domestic violence. He attributes some of these challenges to the high unemployment that is affecting many people as a result of COVID-19.

In response to the issue of fireworks being shot off, specifically, Captain Norman explained it is challenging to respond immediately to the calls– especially if they are one-time occurrences or people are shooting them out of cars. He advises community members that if they notice a specific person or vehicle firing off fireworks repeatedly, it is important for them to collect as much information as possible about the situation and who is involved before reporting it. This helps the officers identify suspects more quickly. Details can be sent via email to mpd3@milwaukee.gov or called in to the district’s non-emergency lines: (414) 933-4444 or (414) 935-7234.

He also explained that the recent activities of civil unrest and protesting have made it difficult for officers to give the adequate time and resources to other concerns in the district. During the height of the civil unrest, all MPD officers were scheduled every day: 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

In response to the cases of police brutality and racial injustice that are becoming so apparent in our country, Captain Norman said he and his team “are not happy with people who disrespect the badge” and that “honest and genuine… communication is the first step to help.”

The Captain ended the meeting by showing an inspirational YouTube video in the spirit of Father’s Day, which was celebrated just over a week ago. In the video, Dr. Rick Rigsby recites his speech, “The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life.” To watch the full youtube video, click below.

In order to practice social distancing, the most recent monthly meetings have been held virtually over Zoom in lieu of in-person gatherings. If you are interested in logging onto these monthly meetings, you can email mpd3@milwaukee.gov to be added to the invite list.

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