This week the Near West Side partners is doing a different kind of blog post, a community spotlight on a problem within our neighborhoods. It was recently brought to our attention that there have been multiple instances of dumpings of construction material in vacant lots across our Milwaukee neighborhoods. A black truck was photographed dumping construction materials and other trash on lots around the city.

These pictures above were taken around the Near West Side and are examples of the negative affects these dumpings have on our community.

Our cameras picked up a black pickup truck doing a large string of the dumpings, and another blue pickup truck also illegally using a private waste bin on 22nd and Wisconsin Avenue. Anyone with any more information about the dumpings should contact

Removal fees cost the Near West Side Partners upwards of $500 each time debris is removed from an empty lot. With the limited financial resources we already possess, these fees greatly inhibit our ability to adequately service our community by further draining our resources. The Near West Side Partners would like to remind the community to please avoid dumping trash, and would instead encourage the public to use a professional garbage removal service or take the trash to their local dump.

Please remain aware of anyone you see dumping waste into our neighborhoods and please contact us if you do see this occuring. With the help of the community our work of improving the Near West Side as a thriving residential and commercial corridor is that much easier.

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