Power of the Partnership: Community, Police and Surveillance Cameras

When community comes together to work side-by-side with the local police department a lot can be accomplished. In addition, as communities and police districts across the country recognize the importance of cameras, as they become much less expensive and much more dynamic in size and quality, there are greater opportunities to support safer communities.

Local landlords who understand and invest in quality systems see the value in providing safer environments for the renters. In August of this year several landlords supported the work of the local police department by providing evidence in several cases in which video surveillance was used to identify several suspects.

This summer under the Near West Side Partners’ Mobile Camera Initiative, mobile cameras were placed in strategic, low trafficked areas of concern. One of the cameras, placed at a site where there has been constant dumping costing the Near West Side thousands of dollars, was able to record footage of a suspect illegally dumping not once but five times.

The footage was used to first identify when the dumping occurred, details of the suspect and the description of the vehicle used. This information was gathered into a report by Bobby McQuay and the NWSP Ambassadors and shared with the Milwaukee Police Department, specifically working with our local beat officers under the direction and leadership of Captain Jeffery Norman.

It was less then 24 hours after this information was shared with the Milwaukee Police Department that officers were able to patrol the area and catch the suspect in action with a truck load of materials in the process of being dumped.

The success of the Mobile Camera Initiative has encouraged the Near West Side Partners to review other ways to obtain similar technology in the community to cover the public right of way.

Near West Side Partners supports the use of red light cameras as outlined by Ald. Robert J. Bauman in this video. A hearing on the use of these cameras is scheduled for October 16th, please reach out to Ald. Bauman’s office at 414-286-2221 for more information.

Another opportunity that Near West Side Partners is currently exploring is a partnership with Ring. This could be an opportunity support residents, renters and businesses with inexpensive surveillance cameras. For more information sign-up or the Near West Side Partners’ newsletter here and be on the look out for informational mailers by Ald. Robert Bauman.

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