By Lucas Johnson, NWSP Intern

To start off the new year, Near West Side Partners would like to highlight its continual effort to promote th Covid-19 vaccine with the hope of a higher vaccinated population leading to a healthy community. Over the last few months of 2021. NWSP’s Safety Ambassadors identified six local businesses in the Near West Side that have a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. The ambassadors then approached the owners of these businesses and inquired if they would be ok with placing sandwich boards and floor decals inside of their businesses that promote the Covid-19 vaccine. Each of these businesses were ecstatic to work with NWSP in our effort to promote a safer community, and the boards and decals were placed in the interior of each business.

Previously, NWSP has distributed flyers, posters, and door hangers throughout the community as a way to spread the message about the vaccine. However, as Safety Ambassador Duane Henderson-Stokes puts it, “Keith (NWSP Executive Director Keith Stanley) wanted something that would be permanent and more noticeable than a poster.” With less than half of the Near West Side community vaccinated, and a new strain of the virus emerging, Henderson-Stokes believed that these installments would be a great way to connect community members with places to get tested or to receive the vaccine. In addition to agreeing to allowing the boards and decals in their stores, the six business owners also agreed to maintain the installed items. This is just the most recent example of the NWSP’s long multi-medium campaign against the Covid-19 virus and advocacy for the Vaccine. NWSP will continue to fight against this unseen enemy, and work closely with community members to eradicate the Covid-19 virus. 


Here are the six business that agreed to these boards and where you can find them:


Kilbourn Kitchen     901 N 27th Street

BP Gas Station          405 N 27th Street

BP Gas Station          1202 W HIghland Ave

MIlwaukee Foods       2903 W Clybourn Street

Hometown Gas Station       200 N 35th Street

Vilet Shell                   1361 N 36th Street



Pictured Above: An example of the installations that were put inside these businesses.


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