Thank you for stopping, clicking or scanning to get here. The Near West Side communities appreciates the support that you continually give in the areas of safety, health, housing and commercial corridor development. 
We are continuing to work with our residents, businesses, nonprofits, institutions and many, many others to improve the quality of life of all who live, work, play and stay in the Near West Side. 
This month and throughout the year we celebrate the history and culture of this dynamic community.  This month we celebrate the many black men and women who have impacted this community.  
What are some of these stories?
In 1933 Westside COGIC started as one of the most influential African American Pentecostal churches. The church is the start and home for some of the largest and dynamic churches in the City of Milwaukee. (Link to the blog)
In 1934 Ralph Metcalfe and Jesse Owens both raced one another on the now Quad Park fields. (Link to the blog)
12 years later in 1946 Nate King Cole recorded a full jazz album at Hotel Lasalle on Marquette University’s campus. (Link to the blog)
10 years later Dr. King spoke in the Near West Side for the time in 1957.  (Link to the blog)
Another 10 years later  The NAACP Youth Council started 200 days of marching in support of fair housing in 1967.  (Link to the blog)
To hear more about these stories watch the video below:

In honor of these great achievements, I am hoping you can contribute to the Near West Side Partners.  We want to continue to develop individuals, families and create a healthier environment that will lead to future black history makers in our City.  Visit the Give tab on the website to make a donation to Near West Side Partners today.
Join us as a partner in this journey in creating a cleaner and healthier Near West Side that will contribute to the success of the next Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe and Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.  
Thank you.


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