Recently Near West Side Partners’ Executive Director Keith Stanley was able to chat a bit with Tony Pa and the team at Advance Automotive Service, a car repair shop located at 965 N 35th St. A small and humble garage, you might overlook the shop as you drive through the Miller Valley Neighborhood. However, residents will quickly tell you that you won’t get service like you do at Advance Automotive anywhere else in the city. Established in 1952 by Carl Gagliano who ran the business until his passing in 1987. Advance automotive Services has seen the Near West Side transform into the diverse and rich community that it is today, and has served its residents every step of the way. After Gagliano‘s passing, the business was run by his son Bill, who not only lived across the street, but worked in the garage with his father since the age of 12 and still works there today at the ripe age of 78. However, the Near West Side ties don’t end there. Current Owner Tony Pa ironically enough also lived in the same house as the Gagliano’s a generation later and started working at Advance Automotive in the mid 90s.

Pa is proud to boast that Advance Automotive Services works on any type of vehicle…except for Audi’s. Advance Automotive is able to take care of any of your needs; whether it is a Toyota or a truck. It is also the favorite spot for some local companies such as Roman Electric, Barricade Flasher, and Milwaukee Center for Independence, who Bill says is there almost everyday. If you are ever in need of car repairs, make sure you support a local business right here in the Near West Side by calling Advance Automotive Service at (414)342-3407, or visiting them at their location on 965 N 35th St.

Listen to the Entirety of Keith’s conversation with the Advance Automotive Service family below:

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