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During the High School Musical experience students ages 9-14 have the amazing opportunity to be a part of High School Musical like never before! Their hour-long class will be packed with the full fun theatre experience.

Their director will dive into the character development of the High School Musical series and teach the students to create their own characters of East High from scratch!
Then it’s time to write! We will dive into the world of script writing and together create our own High School Musical! Our students will get the Ms. Darbus treatment as they put themselves in the director’s chair and direct the show they have written!

During our last week of class your students will be about to show you all the work and fun that went into their own High School Musical with a show stopping performance!
After designing their costumes they will step on stage and have the chance to live out the one of a kind musical they created. Their performance will include their written script and dance and music numbers to perform for the supportive fans in their life!
Class will be held Tuesday’s from 5:00pm-6:00pm

There are only 20 spots open on the Wildcat team.
$40 off Tuition if you sign up before Friday January 14th!

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