Near West Side Murals Expose Residents to Art, Community Work in Unique Ways

By |2022-01-20T11:30:34-06:00July 9, 2021|CNI, NWSP Blog|

In early 2021, Near West Side Partners (NWSP) secured federal funding for six community improvement projects-- also known as Action Activities-- to implement in the spring and complete within one year. This will include the installation of eight new murals [...]

Home Repair Grants Help Residents Preserve

By |2021-09-10T08:20:39-05:00July 8, 2021|NWSP Blog|

In 2017, Near West Side Partners (NWSP) opened paths to homeownership by providing incentives through down payment assistance and rental assistance for those looking to buy a home. Since then, these grants have also aimed to address ongoing maintenance issues [...]

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