In partnership with the Ring Corporation, NWSP held an event on December 16 at Harley-Davidson, offering 50% discounts to Near West Side residents and 30% for non-residents on ten (10) various Ring products. Residents had the opportunity to also meet elected representatives including Ald. Robert Bauman, Sen. Latonya Johnson and Rep. Evan Goyke. Over 80 products were sold, with many other residents learning about block watch programs, District Three Crime Analysis meetings and NWSP initiatives.
The process was never overly complicated but very intentional in the planning to offer the best value for local residents. Here’s some insight into the planning process.
Ring Corporation was very easy to work with and supportive in the planning process. This was assisted by a contract with NWSP and Ring outlining roles and responsibilities. Ring offered several options including an online only event or an In-person event. The In-person was preferred by NWSP staff as we were able to connect with local residents.
The logistics for the event was supported by Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, Harley-Davidson and NWSP staff. This included a site to ship several pallets of product, the unloading of these pallets and the work to secure the site and map out the flow of the traffic for the event. NWSP Ambassadors supported day-of activities in coordination with NWSP staff.
Media was supported by Ring’s public relation’s team, Mueller Communications and WISN (a local Near West Side entity). Press about the event was very important to its success and NWSP boosted several targeted Facebook advertisements to get the word out to local residents. Key to success is getting the word out to as many platforms as early as possible, as this allows for residents to plan for the purchase of these products.
Another key activity was connecting with partners including Near West Side elected officials and the Near West Side Community Prosecution Unit, the Department of Neighborhood Services and the MIlwaukee Police Department. The partnership adds value to residents who want to learn more about additional safety initiatives.
Overall, NWSP was very pleased to work with the Ring staff who were readily available, supportive and understanding. NWSP would like to thank all for supporting this initiative in making the Near West Side a better place for everyone. Specifically we would like to thank Ring Corporation, Harley-Davidson, Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, Ald. Robert Bauman, Sen. Latonya Johnson, Rep. Evan Goyke, District Attorney’s office, Milwaukee Police Department, Department of Neighborhood Services and the many others for their support.
For more information or to have your own event please email Ring at

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