Since the May 27 expiration of Governor Evers’ state-wide eviction ban, eviction filings have risen over 42% in Milwaukee County. This statistic is unnerving for landlords and tenants, alike.

Luckily, there are numerous resources in Milwaukee available to landlords to help assist with a variety of housing and eviction-related situations. Explore them below!

City of Milwaukee Landlord Training

City of Milwaukee Landlord Training offers free classes to teach landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property and how to manage it if/when nuisance activity does appear.

To contact: (414) 286-2954.

Website: Click Here

Community Advocates

Community Advocates is a corporation that is committed to ensuring that low-income families and individuals in Milwaukee are able to meet their basic needs. Their services include: helping landlords successfully take care of complaints, make repairs, work out payment plans for rent and security deposits, and prevent eviction.

To contact: (414) 449-4777.

Website: Click Here

Mediate Wisconsin

Mediate Milwaukee is an organization that offers free mediation services between tenants and landlords to help navigate mortgage foreclosure, eviction, and landlord-tenant disputes. These services help both parties save time, save money, avoid court, and decide their own solution.

To contact: (414) 939-8800.

Website: Click Here

Apartment Association of Southeast Wisconsin

Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin is the largest Apartment Owners trade association in Wisconsin and provides landlords with legislative support and educational opportunities.

To contact: (414) 276-7378.

Website: Click Here

Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic

The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic provides free brief legal advice and referral services on most civil legal matters from law students and attorney volunteers.

To contact: (414) 288-6912 for information. (414) 278-3965 to leave a message for remote brief legal advice services.

Website: Click Here

Milwaukee Justice Center Mobile Legal Clinic

The Milwaukee Justice Center Mobile Legal Clinic offers free, brief legal advice on most civil matters, including landlord-tenant issues. The Clinic can also offer information on how to retain an attorney if needed.

To contact:

Website: Click Here

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