ProCare, a private medical group, moved into the Near West Side in hopes to provide an array of medical care to residents, one that Dr.Nwilati, owner and resident physician, knew was lacking prior to their development. ProCare moved from their 12th and Kilbourn location and took new roots at 3737 W. Wisconsin due to a need for more space for their growing services. The transition proved to have some difficulties, though- obtaining adequate parking space, funding the undertaking of the renovation and obtaining permissions from the city was a process that consumed over three years.

Purchasing enough parking space to accommodate the growing number of patients was the most difficult barrier for the group.  The space being sought after that would provide adequate spaces, was in the ownership of another group that was initially uninterested in selling the space; negotiations were made after several years of attempted efforts to purchase the lot. The project was a great investment in the Near West Side, but one ProCare’s medical associates find to be unquantifiably important.  Dr.Nwilati continues to focus on the creation of accessible medical care for residents, adding specialists with a deep care for the area and its people.   

The move to 3737 W. Wisconsin gave the group the square-footage they were looking for- with enough space for their multitude of specialists.  ProCare Medical group offers a comprehensive selection of specialized doctors and nurses that cover nearly all aspects of health care.  ProCare most recently made the addition of a dentist; Nwilati said that adding the option of dental care was crucial for the community, as it was one of the most underserved aspects of healthcare for residents. 

On site at the 3737 W. Wisconsin location, one ProCare’s four locations amongst the surrounding Milwaukee area, a plethora of medical testing, ranging from blood work to MRI scans, specialty care and all family health services that Near West Side residents may need are offered. It was important to Dr.Nwilati that residents could find any care they needed in one, centralized building. 

Resident physician and owner, Dr. Nwilati, graduated from University of Damascus in 1991 specializing in internal medicine.

ProCare medical group is continually looking to expand their array of services, recognizing that health care needs are ever-changing and require adaptability.  The basement of the recently renovated building has 20,000 square feet that have yet to be filled- the possibility of a daycare for employees is being considered, but the space will be filled as the associates see fit.  Dr.Nwilati highlighted the growth that has occurred with support of the community over the last few years that has allowed for the expansion from 16 employees to 150; hiring residents from the area builds up the community, both economically and in togetherness.  

A diverse group of highly qualified providers are employed to serve a diverse community and it’s ever-changing needs.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Near West Side ProCare site offers testing, and vaccinations- as well as offering their standard care to those affected with the Coronavirus. In speaking with Dr.Nwilati, it is clear that the overarching goal of each ProCare location, specifically the West Wisconsin Avenue location, is dedicated to community betterment. 

The doctors and practitioners hired to ProCare Medical group are uniquely qualified individuals, with a passion for serving the area and it’s residents.  Private medical groups can be difficult to sustain with the competition of large hospitals and medical groups; ProCare associates ask for support from residents to ensure they can continue to serve the needs of Near West Side residents.  Dr.Nwilati encourages individuals to learn more about the services they offer and consider coming into the office for their medical services.  Each ProCare clinic accepts both walk-in and new patients, with enthusiasm, to serve the Near West Side community for the years to come. 


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